It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.
Wisdom of Confucius (via demo)

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Just for your viewing pleasure art by Tanya Michelle and Miscre8

Just a little something to look at hope you like!

Relax, Relate, Create  is trying to provide a free-arts education workshop program for the underprivileged and disabled youth in our community. Started by Tanya Michelle aka Tanya Watler, an artist & local business owner of Lil Art Bodega and a resident of the downtown Las Vegas community.

Tanya was unhappy about the lack of art programs that are not giving back to underprivileged and disabled youth in our area. Over the past few years, the public schools have cut the art education out of their budgets. And some art classes or programs for youths and their families can be costly.

In turn, Tanya Watler decided to create a workshop program that gives back to the youth and their parents, caregivers or family members. This gives them an opportunity to be exposed to the arts again for free. The seed money to get this going has been planted and provided by the sales from Tanya Watler’s paintings and 5% of every sale from her store. But we still need help with funding! 

This workshop program is 100% community driven through volunteer time and donations. The program is taught as a one-on-one in-store session and as a group session outside and will also be taught at community centers, parks, etc. We are trying to launch “Relax, Relate, Create” workshop this fall.

For more details,
contact Tanya Watler at: 

Lil Art Bodega is located at:
Emergency Arts, 2nd Floor
520 Fremont St., Suite 219 
Las Vegas, NV 89101

To find out how to make 
a donation, please visit:
Relax, Relate, Create